Royal Spotlight // Why We Work

Royal Spotlight // Why We Work


“Be in it to win it, at all times & stand for what you believe in. Be a Champion of Change in every aspect of your life.”

Welcome to G4G, the Go For Gold collection brought to you by Prime Life Clothing.

As young businessmen we set out to accomplish goals everyday and we crush them. However, going for gold is not only about reaching your goals and accomplishing success.


It is about making an impact!

Making an impact in your personal life, professional life, sports, music, education and society as a whole. We cater these fabrics to the person who aspires to bring about positive change, and will inspire others to do the same. This line will be a reflection of your “trendsetter” mindset, the one that allows you to stand out amongst your peers no matter what the setting may be. The one that gives you the edge when adversity strikes, and the motivation to make your presence known.

Mediocrity is not what you live for, so why should your clothing be?

Mediocrity is not even in our vocabulary. We do not stand for it, in fact, if we think it's going to be “mediocre” we just don’t do it. That is why we take the time to handcraft and stitch every unique piece of our collectors’ items to perfection.


Without the Going for Gold mindset, we would be doing a disservice to the courageous black athletes of our nation's Olympics. The ones who fought to obtain the greatest honor of gold and represent our country to the best of their abilities. Men like Tommie Smith and Jean Carlos (Black Pride), Jesse Owens (Four Gold Medals in Berlin) and the members of the Dream Team who beat their opponents by an average of 44 points per game. These are the athletes we look up to, the ones who not only won, but fought for a greater good along the way.


Today we must do the same.

The release of The 5 Ring Hoodie is the first drop of our G4G collection and is a piece we are sure you will all be excited for. We used new patterns, fabric and a never before seen Olympic patch as a finishing touch. Uniquely made and Olympian inspired, it is our hope you represent in the same way.


Whether it is for your family, your school, your company, your dream, your vision or your last name: Go For Gold.


This is just the beginning of our G4G collection, between now and September 4th, we will be giving you an inside look every 2 weeks on the creative process behind each piece of Go 4 Gold as well as sneak peek information on when the next piece will be dropping.


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                  "Don't be afraid to be a Champion of Change"


Here is your to-do list:

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  • Go For Gold in everything you do

That's it!


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